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The Level 3 Survey provides you with a greater amount of information about the property and is more detailed than a Level 2 Survey.


The RICS Home Survey – Level 3 service includes:

  • a thorough inspection of the property
  • a detailed report based on the inspection


The surveyor who provides the RICS Home Survey – Level 3 service aims to give you professional advice to:

  • help you make a reasoned and informed decision when purchasing the property, or when planning for repairs, maintenance or upgrading the property
  • provide detailed advice on condition
  • describe the identifiable risk of potential or hidden defects
  • propose the most probable cause(s) of the defects based on the inspection


This Survey is usually for properties which are:

  • Old (e.g. built before 1850)
  • In obviously poor condition
  • Of complex or unusual design
  • Significantly altered or extended since it was built

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